• The Blockchain - Disrupting Global Commerce


    This mini-conference was held in May 2016 in New Zealand (Auckland and Wellington) to sell-out audiences.


    Videos of all presentations have now been released (see below).


    The events were covered by:

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    - The Listener (June 16 issue)

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  • Videos from the conference

    Highlights / interviews

    Blockchains, Smart Contracts and Ethereum for Dummies (an introduction).

    Mark Pascall, Ethereum.nz organiser and director of 3months.com

    Beyond Blockchains - Enterprise Solution Designs.

    Co-Founder & CEO of Brave New Coin

    Cutting through the hype - What blockchains are actually good for.

    Peter Borah, lead Ethereum developer at Ownage.io

    Augur - a crystal ball for the world computer

    Jack Peterson, co-founder Augur.net

    Ethereum - Improving the world through decentralisation.

    Co-founder and Director of Technology, Ethereum Foundation

  • By giving computer control over contracts, we can make business more efficient and make the legal system more equitable.

    What if you could cut your mortgage rate, make it easier to update your will, and ensure that your buddy was never able to weasel out of paying up on a bet - all without a trusted middle man or legal system? That and much more is the promise of smart contracts, a technology that is now here with open source smart contract platform Ethereum.org. Smart contracts are computer programs that can automatically execute the terms of a contract. And the potential for smart contracts goes way beyond simple transfers of funds. The door of a car or a house could be unlocked by connecting smart contracts to the Internet of everything. And then there is the promise of DAO.....


    Join us for a half day of education and networking that will help you to understand how blockchain and smart contract platforms like Ethereum could change the world as we know it.


  • Speakers

    Taylor Gerring

    Co-founder and Director of Technology, Ethereum Foundation


    Presentation: Ethereum - Improving the world through decentralisation.

    He is one of the original founders of Ethereum Foundation, having joined the project back in December 2013. Two years in and he's doing everything he can to "spread the blockchain love". Previously on the Board of Directors. he currently serve as Director of Technology, overseeing the systems, deployment, and security. Additionally, he helps the research and development teams with external communication, explaining what work-in-progress may be delivered.


    After graduating in 2005 with a BSBA in Management of Information Systems, Taylor worked in a variety of technical roles at traditional enterprises, managing as many as 250 remote systems across the United States.

    It was during a year-long sabbatical that Taylor eventually discovered Bitcoin. Having firmly entered the crypoeconomic space in 2012, he began working on several projects including Hive, one of the first multi-token web wallets. Understanding the potential society-impacting benefits of blockchains, Taylor later began working with Ethereum and continues to advocate for decentralizing technology focusing on outreach, adoption, and education.



    Dr Jack Peterson

    Co-founder Augur


    Presentation: Augur - a crystal ball for the world computer

    Jack is a physicist, software developer, and co-founder of Augur (a decentralised platform for prediction markets), one of the first and largest decentralised applications on Ethereum. He currently works as Augur's lead front-end developer.

    Jack became fascinated by distributed networks while finishing his Biophysics Ph.D. at UCSF, where he was a National Defence Science and Engineering Graduate Fellow and published several peer-reviewed articles on complex networks and information theory. After graduating, he worked first as a biophysics researcher, then as a freelance scientific and web developer. As he delved into the technology behind Bitcoin, he became convinced that blockchains are the only real defence against the modern world's social, cultural, and technological trends towards greater and greater concentrations of money and power. He and Joey Krug designed and built Sidecoin, a modified version of Bitcoin Core used to copy-and-paste coin distributions between blockchains. After completing Sidecoin in November 2014, they decided to use Ethereum and its groundbreaking smart contract technology for their next, more ambitious project: Augur. Augur recently began its public beta test.

    Peter Borah

    Lead Ethereum developer Ownage.io


    Presentation: Cutting through the hype - What blockchains are actually good for.

    Peter is a technologist who has been at the forefront of Ethereum application development since the proof of concept days. He is currently the lead Ethereum developer at Ownage, a startup creating an Ethereum-based platform to distribute, collect, and trade digital game content. Previously, he worked with ConsenSys as an Ethereum developer on projects such the Dapp Store and a educational game called DAO Wars.


    With a degree from the University of Chicago in the History and Philosophy of Science, Peter's main interest is in the impact of technology on society, culture, and the economy. He believes that blockchains are going to be an essential part of building a more resilient, effective, and participatory future.

    Fran Strajnar

    Co-Founder & CEO of Brave New Coin


    Presentation: Beyond Blockchains - Enterprise Solution Designs.

    Fran is Co-Founder & CEO of Brave New Coin (a Digital Currency & Blockchain data company), Founder of Techemy.co (Blockchain Consulting) and Founder of Bitcoin South (NZ's first International bitcoin Conference)

    After a decade of working with large technology vendors in roles ranging from Business Development to Product Management and Project Management, Fran did a Masters in Entrepreneurship and set up several businesses. Fran discovered bitcoin in 2010 and realised it's technology would change the world. Since then he has been traveling the world to various Bitcoin, Blockchain & later Ethereum conferences, evangelizing Blockchain Technology and his Data company BNC.
    Current focus is 100% on growing BNC into the premier Digital Currency and Blockchain data provider.

    Mark Pascall

    Founder/Director 3months.com & Ethereum.nz


    Presentation: Blockchains, Smart Contracts and Ethereum for Dummies (an introduction)

    Mark has spent the last twenty years immersed in complex internet-based technology solutions. His is passionate about helping organisations to understand emerging technology trends and their potential for business transformation. He has presented at conferences all over New Zealand on topics ranging from agile marketing, Internet of Things to digital disruption and crypto-currencies.

    When he discovered Ethereum two years ago at the Bitcoin South conference he realised the huge potential that this technology held. Since then he has been on a mission to educate and inspire as many people as possible and put New Zealand at the centre of this disruption.

    In a moment of madness he decided to organise a small event: Ethereum.nz. This event has grown way bigger than he expected.

  • Who is Ethereum.NZ?

    Ethereum.nz is an off-shoot of New Zealand based web/mobile/IOT software development company 3months.com. We are growing into a network of people at the forefront of the smart contract revolution. We currently offer a range of smart contract services including consulting, training, prototyping and build. We are currently growing our team, so if you are a developer who has experience in this space or wants to find out more please drop us a line at info@3months.com or join one of the meetups.

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